OEM Audio Plus Reference 400 Series add-on for Scion FRS...

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OEM Audio Plus Reference 400 Series add-on for Scion FRS...

When beautifully sculpted sports car with function of weight and balance is all sorted like the Scion FR-S, it takes a man with understanding of such concepts to actually add to something thought to be near perfect. Sandy Lirag is such a man, and his development to date, and into the future of OEM Audio+ series of audio components just works! Sandy uses his extensive knowledge and talent derived from his years at Boston Acoustics to create the optimum sonic environment with minimal modifications to the Scion FR-S.

With the compact digital amp, acoustically timed and staged DSP for each application for FRS/ BRZ and soon Toyota 86 all having it's own sets of DSP calibrations, this is the audio system that's just above and beyond anything aftermarket or factory for these cars.

The largest of the components like the sub-woofer/amp assembly units also detach easily and temporarily for the most dedicated track use, when the FRS is occasionally brought out to such duties. So there is not one single reason for concern for total enjoyment of the car as dynamic sports car, as well as a cruiser for your daily mundane tasks.

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