Toyota S-FR Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

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At the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, held from 10/28~11/8 in Japan, will host a whole list of new cars and concepts again, from Toyota, including the all-new Prius, as well as the CH-R Crossover, the FCV Plus Personal mobility pod, and the Kikai, the new bare-bones basic car to redefine the way we interact with automobiles.

Toyota S-FR Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Among the featured concepts though the surprise of the show is the Toyota S-FR.  A ultra-compact 2+2 seat, Rear Wheel Drive sports car.
With overall length of 3990 mm, width of 1695 mm, wheelbase of 2480, it is considerably smaller than the current Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S), and even undercuts the dimensions of the recent ND  Mazda Roadster (Miata MX5) for all but the overall length by some couple inches.

From the photos it has many nostalgic cues of of the old Sports 800.   And, the long nose really defines the character as a FR sports car of classic shapes.
It's stated in the press release that it does have a manual transmission with 6 speeds, and conceptualized to be a very re-configurable car for customization in the aftermarket realm.
Further research apparently went into making it even lighter than it looks from the dimensions of it.   It's claimed to be designed not only as a sports car, but something the owners can enjoy it as a mode of transport with tactility, fun, simplicity and inexpensive entry price.

Now for the important things we want to find out, they didn't release, or the fact that this is even slated for production.   No planned dates, no pricetag, and moreover, no designation of the engine...  But, it certainly does peak our curiosity, as a compact lightweight of this class will be even more affordable, capable (if just for the light chassis) and tons of fun, possibly more than the current Toyota 86.  We'll just have to wait and see for more details to be released on this.   And in the meantime, raise your voices and tell everyone, "WE NEED THIS CAR TOO!"

Toyota S-FR Concept ( Source of information: Toyota Global Newsroom )