Cleanest Original Mazda RX7, FC3S you'll ever see in your lifetime.

Today, I had seen definitely, the most mintiest, all-original Mazda RX7 FC3S I would see for the rest of my life.

This 1988 RX-7 Turbo "10th Anniversary" (US Spec) is completely original. 1443 miles on the odometer, untouched, unmolested, and hardly ever driven, but completely maintained by Mazda dealer. The current owner is the 2nd, and the first owner only drove it 1000 miles and was put into an air-conditioned garage, and taken out only twice a year for check up at a Mazda dealer in Oregon, that for the last 28 years with records.

It has never, EVER seen rain, it has all factory option since day 1 off the lot, including box full of dealer accessories that has never been installed, like the original front bra, and mud flaps as it did not ever go back for PDI after delivery. In fact, I am the 5th person to ever drive this car, after the original owner, his son, the trucking company man who delivered it on to the current owner, the current owner, then me. Even the ultra-rare factory rear louvers is free of dust or UV fade.

None of the rubber pieces both inside or out has any sign of dryness, or any hint of it ever getting an once of UV. The wheels still have tire alignment dot marking from factory tire mounting. The spare tire has no cracks or even dust. The seat is not only brand new, but still smells new. The gas cap isn't worn out at all since today was the 7th time it was ever opened for refueling.

The only, and I mean only thing that isn't original to this car from new, is the battery, couple of hoses, spark plugs, and the tire, which only were replaced from simply age of just sitting there.

Mind you this is a 28 year old car...

It starts with one crank, and apex seal seems to be fine, unlike most all parked RX7. It does not smoke, and it's still blowing ice cold air on the original R12 AC refrigerant.

Cassette deck auto reverse and all features work perfectly. Original CIBIE headlights, still working on the original bulbs.... Automatic antenna mast makes no aged noises, and goes up and down as new.

A true "time-capsule" car....

It was truly one of the best days of my life to have seen this, and was lucky enough to put 5 miles on it with my own driving. The shifter feels stiff and new, the engine revs just as it had once for the original owner on his test drive before purchase in 1987.
I mean think about it. This 13B at 1144 miles has barely been broken in yet!

Imagine THAT!