86 Dynamic Driving Academy is here once again! March 15th, Willow Springs Balcony Testing Site


86 Dynamic Driving Academy

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FR-S / BRZ /AE86 owners! It's here again!

We are back at Willow Springs Raceway "Balcony" for more fun learning to control your car. (might move to Stadium course as well)

This venue will feature an open area for 20 cars, taking turns on 2 or 3 exercises, with a few instructors available to help you advance as a performance driver.

It's fun, safe, and this is one of the smaller scale events where we can concentrate with less crowds.

We cater to novice and intermediate level drivers, and there is no pressure, as this is not a race but a car control clinic. Did oyu want to learn the basics of drifting? Did you want to learn the dynamics of control? Did you want tips on tuning? Tips on maintenance to what to buy.

Don't worry too much about equipment/tune/mods as we are not chasing lap-times or racing, this is understanding driver relationship with the car, the ART of PERFORMANCE DRIVING and SETUP. So whatever that is reliable and cheap is fine.

ONLY 20 SPOTS OPEN. Come out and have FUN with us!!

Date: March 15th, 2014 (SUNDAY)
Time: 7:00am - 3:30pm
Registration Required: YES

- A safe car, with minimum standard street safety equipment such as seatbelts.
- A SNELL 2000 or later certified Motorbike/Automobile helmet
- A Good Happy Attitude
- Willingness to have fun

Suggested Equipment: But not Mandatory
- Set of tools
- Two spare tires of normal size (if your tires are low on tread)
- Air Pressure Gauge
- Lunch / Snacks Drinks

Presented by FT86 Cup, and Winmax USA, RSR USA, Cusco USA, Operated by Club4AG and Friends.

For anyone that wants to come just hang out and see what this is like, that's OK too!
$10 Venue admission for every visitor.