Toyota FT-1 Version 2, Unveiled at Gordon McCall's Motorworks Reunion 2014, Pebble Beach, CA...

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Toyota FT-1 Version 2, Unveiled at Gordon McCall's Motorworks Reunion 2014, Pebble Beach, CA...

Designed by CALTY, the second iteration of the concept Toyota FT-1 was released to the public eye, for the first time.
The design has not changed too much from the first rendition, but the new car features an updated interior trim with a very rare leather saddle color and material, as well as a new bronze-pearl exterior paint.

The new Toyota FT-1 Version 2, Unveiled at Gordon McCall's is also the first to make a public appearance with a team of designers who now publicly speak with the public to gain interests and exchange opinions rather more casually, from CALTY in Southern California as well as TOYOTA USA, which might be a evidence that the car is much closer to becoming a reality.  Chief designers from CALTY, Alex Shen, and William Chergosky were present as well as CALTY's President Kevin Hunter, answering many questions for several hours at 4 venues this week, from San Francisco Regional Corporate Center to McCall's kick-off charity event of the Monterey Historics, as well as grounds of Pebble Beach Concourse...

Packed with HUD (Heads-Up Display system in the upper dash instruments, as well as myriads of on-board information LCD just below and in front of the wheel, along with futuristic designs, it is reminiscent of a theme from a Supra A60, from the 1980's.   The A60 also featured a very early departure from tradition on the exterior styling as well as interior features of the traditional cars in the 1980's with digital cluster, powered 16 way adjustable seats, DOHC production inline 6, and touch panel radios and AC systems that awed the tech-savvy crowd back in the days.
The FT-1 Concept seems to be headed in just that direction but with very traditional front mounted engine, and rear drive system classic and familiar to any sports car enthusiast despite the seemingly updated visual controls and features, which also follows the tradition of a Toyota Celica/Supra lineage it seems to follow.
Electronically actuated door latch, and rear wing that retracts into a dedicated recess in the trunk lid is a distinct feature of the concept...
The exterior dimensions seems visually very bold and large, and without doubt, hinting at the very focused purpose of being a Grand Tourer with very high levels of sophistication, balance, aerodynamics, and at the same time, appealing to the emotions of sight and (maybe later when the engine is complete, sounds).

For now I'll  leave you with photos of the event at Monterey, California, and let you conjure your own thoughts.

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