Tony Martinez AE86, complete custom 4A-GE 20V built by Passion, not by anyone else!


Tony Martinez AE86

Who says California is the only place where you see awesome AE86?

Here's one of the most dedicated and oldest of the Club4AG Member, "Gaijin_Rokurunner" Tony Martinez, from the East Coast, in the outskirts of Washington DC, in Maryland.
Tony has been spending countless hours on his AE86 to make it one of the most notable in the USA.
Just look at the specifications below, and the finish on the exterior as well as the engine department!!

One of the main highlights being the robust and fully custom 4AG-20V with Atlantic and Toda components...  That alone is enough to make anyone jealous.

  • Car: Toyota Corolla
  • Year 1985
  • Model GTS Coupe (zenki)
  • Engine 5.5ag 20v (254hp)
  • Specification of modifications/restorations
  • full rust restoration, bad metal cut out and replaced with new metal
  • corvette yellow paint/raven black panda two tone
  • Factory  JDM zenki front and back bumpers and brackets/ JDM blinkers
  • New Factory JDM side skirts
  • J blood rear bumper valance
  • factory JDM zenki trunk garnish
  • Factory JDM coupe trunk spoiler
  • all new window moldings and seals
  • Bomex FC3S power aero mirrors
  • Seibion carbon fiber hood
  • CBY fenders flares
  • New RS Watanabe 15x10.5j -38 R, 15x9.5-19 F
  • Quaife rack and pinion in OEM manuel rack
  • T3 lower control arms
  • Cusco adjustable tension rods
  • Cusco front and rear sway bars
  • Ueo inner tie rod
  • T3 (Techno Toy Tuning) outer tie rod with bump steer correction
  • T3 steering knuckles
  • FC3S front brake conversion
  • Goodridge 5 piece brake line/clutch slave line`
  • Battle Version rear 4 link and pan hard
  • Jubiride pan hard adjustment bracket
  • Custom pan hard support bracket
  • TRD 1.5 way LSD (kouki) with TRD 4.77 r/p
  • Project mu pads front and back
  • Custom carbon fiber drive shaft
  • LEEN 6 speed transmission with TRD 2 and 4th gears
  • B&M short shifter
  • 5.5ag (1796cc) Formula Atlantic spec 20v 254hp 168ftlbs torque
  • Earls oil cooler
  • Koyo radiator
  • Matsuru 20v plenum and cold air intake box
  • JSP FA tri Y header
  • Rein hard Takumi edition 60mm circuit exhaust
  • Adaptronic ECU running COP sequential ignition
  • GT-APEX interior with GT-APEX pass seat
  • Safety 21 - 7 point roll bar
  • Omori gauges
  • S2000 gauge cluster
  • Personal steering wheel with TOMs horn and quick release
  • JDM trueno coupe rear window shades
  • JDM metal window visors
  • Ogura Pro Carbon clutch and flywheel kit
  • Greddy coilovers and RCA
  • Country and state Maryland USA


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