Apex-i RS Evolution Muffler System

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Apex-i RS Evolution Muffler System

Full stainless cat back system from Apex-i uses a single canister layout to maximize volume to space/weight under the car, and coupled with Apex-i drop-in filter for the intake, the unit successfully manages to peak about 3-5 hp gains across most of the engine's operating rev ranges.
Handsomely blue-burned tips accentuate the expansive bumper hole quite well.

Sound levels are decently quiet like most modern Japanese aftermarket exhaust, with a nice hint of low notes coupled with increasingly crisp crackle at the top, reminding you of a 70's Italian 4 cylinder noises.  At idle it's whisper quiet on the FR-S when warm, and there is no issue pulling into quiet residential areas or populated areas without becoming overly dramatic.

Sounds it produces at high ranges are just enough to enjoy a classic small displacement engine like the FA20 here, and works quite well to make the car a bit more full of character, filling the gap of conservativeness that Toyota/Subaru has to leave off on mass production level.

At MSRP of about $1600, with vendors having good discounts these days for such parts, it is worth every penny for a well-designed muffler system in stainless.  It compares well to the more expensive offerings from Fujitsubo, the benchmark I'd say in perfection, as in Authorize R at $2300+, and response of the engine is audibly noticeable as well.

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